Thursday, March 28, 2013

In Like a Lion...

Hahaha - Just found this post that I drafted on March 7th - like I said before, both conferences were great, but this was a pretty horrible almost disaster that happened the day of - also, thought the title was fitting:

After weeks and weeks of stressing and no sleep because of some work related conference preparations I wake up this morning to a phone call telling me that the conference has been cancelled due to snow. It has not even started snowing, and I have lost PRECIOUS sleep over this - so it was a less than stellar way to start the day. All those anxiety attacks while organizing were for naught. And guuuuuys - everything was ready to go. EVERYTHING. The early bird does not get the worm. The early bird gets the "Be Back in 5 Mins" sign with a little drawing of a worm giving her the finger....that would actually be an awesome print/painting to make....dibs/copyrighting that right now, so don't event try to take it! (a little dramatic, but guuuuys this is how I was feeling)

Anyway..instead tonight I am going to see if I can get into a pre-screening of Oz, and drink lots of wine. Which I guess is a pretty awesome way to spend the night, so I'll take it! (I got to work and was told that the conference was actually still on and I had to travel back to my apt to pick up my bag! But we all breathed a sigh of relief because we had been so prepared and really wanted this thing to happen! And I still got a fun dinner with wine, so win-win.)

Finished Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin. Gotta tell you, it was not my favorite. I liked that it tied back with the previous books, but the story line was terrible. SPOILER ALERT: Basically it's about these two women indirectly connected to a tragedy where one woman's husband is the doctor for the other woman's son. Blah, blah, blah, the husband ends up cheating on his wife with the other woman, etc, etc. So stupid. It was a quick read, but I was just annoyed the whole time. I wouldn't recommend it.

Good news: I'm very lucky and I got my hands on an advanced reading copy of Five Summers by Una LaMarche, bloggess extraordinaire at Sassy Curmudgeon, and I'm loving it so far!!! You guys should definitely pre-order a copy here, here, or here. Expect a review once I finish it :) (This book was a great read! Fun, fresh, and light. I highly recommend it. A YA story about life-long friendships and growing up. Loved it!)

Out Like a Lamb

1. March was insane at work. I had two HUGE conferences that I had to majorly prep and travel for. I was constantly running around like a chicken with her head cut off. But, they are over now and I got major kudos for being good at my job and anticipating all the needs and it was pretty awesome.

2. Went to see my parents out on Long Island this past weekend. Spent much needed time with all my siblings and my gorgeous, funny, bright, chunky nephews and niece.

3. After college, dating is this weird vortex. You go through your desperately lonely phase, your everyone-wants-to-set-me-up-with-someone phase, your online dating phase, your f* it phase, and then your my-life-is-awesome-I-will-find-someone-when-I'm-good-and-ready phase. Sometimes those phases happen at the same time. Sometimes you're stuck in one for too long. Sometimes you feel like you didn't have enough time in another.Well after years of sporadic dating here and there, I never thought I would get to the fun mid-20s phase that everyone alludes to where dating is actually just dating. No one is thinking marriage, no one is thinking commitment, you're just allowed to have fun and meet new people and see where the wind takes you. It goes against my controlling nature to let go but I honestly can't complain right now. Oh, and in case you were wondering - that guy that I thought was into me, but wasn't sure about? Well...a lady never kisses and tells.

4. I can smell spring in the air. The days are getting longer, dinners with friends are going later, and everyone is coming out of the woodwork. Summer is right around the corner. Sunshine, the beach, cold drinks, long nights, and major gym time to tone up for those teeny bikinis ;)

5. My sister and I impulse shopped at Target on Sunday. A really cute spring-into-summer black and tan dress. We needed these in our respective closets because as I mentioned before summer is coming! And this is going to look so cute with bangles, a pair of funky flat sandals, and a tan! But the thrifty fashionista that I am knew that I didn't have to wait for that 70 degree weather we are all craving to break out the new goods. So this morning, I threw on tights, my tall black boots and a black cardigan and I was good to go!

I love a dress that can be worn through every season!
Dress: Target, Tights: Modcloth, Boots: Macy's (not in stock)
Do you guys have any outfits that transition well between seasons? Any fun dating stories?