Monday, April 8, 2013

Circus Freaks & Geeks

In all my teenage angst I forgot to tell you about my super awesome date with bachelor #2 last weekend!

So, let's start at the very beginning. A while back when I was confused as to whether or not he was interested in being more than just friends, he excitedly told me about a Groupon for Cirque du Soliel's Totem. Me, being the modern woman I think I am thought, sure, why not? Let's go "as friends" while rubbing my hands together maniacally thinking, he. will. love. me.

Okay, okay, not SO crazy, but I did think it would be fun to try and be friends with him. I mean, if anything, he's a hot foreigner, and he probably has hot foreign friends, so win-win situation here, amirite ladies????

Well, as you all know from my vague declaration last week, he does like me and I wasn't totally off base when I was catching those vibes from him. (AKA we went out dancing one night and let the rhythm take us over and totally made out and have been seeing each other for the past four weeks - except for that sabbatical when I tried having something real with bach #1 - what a mess)

Where was I? Oh right, so we bought these tickets to Cirque du Soliel when we were just friends, a month in advance (yikes!), and were lucky enough that things didn't crash and burn before then and I'm happy to say that we had a GREAT time!

Waiting to go into the tent!
We weren't allowed to take photos inside so I have no proof, but the show was pretty spectacular. It was supposed to be a "fascinating journey into the evolution of mankind". So there were a lot of natural elements and ethereal music. They had unicyclists, aerialists, and high-brow clowns, but my favorite parts were those with the couple performers. The amount of trust and synchronicity that is involved when hanging a billion feet in the air was mind-blowing!

After the show we went out to dinner and ate very delicious ceviche (a typical Peruvian seafood dish made with fresh raw fish, citrus, hot peppers, etc) at some hole-in-the-wall restaurant out in Queenz. Talked about music, art, and all in all had a wonderful time.

Things I do when I'm waiting for someone: Read a book, catch up on emails, and, obviously, stage a mini photo-shoot
That's the thing with this guy. There may be some things that are not ideal, but it's not serious. It's totally carefree. And most importantly, fun. Why can't all dates be like this one?

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