Monday, April 22, 2013

Technology is hard

A lot of times the reason I don't post in a reliable way is because the pictures I take are always on my phone. I could probably figure out how to have a cloud thingy or just email myself the photos but for some reason I get major anxiety about the pictures being too large and not going through which then means I have to break up the photos into multiple emails, etc, etc. Aka ridiculous reasons that I should be embarrassed to share. So, instead I'm writing this on my phone just so I can share last weekend's fun-filled adventures.
Last weekend I had a fun, spring-y weekend and even had a nice little sunburn on Monday morning - a badge of honor from my brief but enjoyable time outside. I went to a fundraiser at my high school on Saturday night, and had fun in Brooklyn on Sunday visiting with my friend and her new baby, eating yummy donuts and pork buns at Smorgasburg and celebrating my friend's belated bday on her rooftop.

Johnston Jubilee, fundraiser, with my sister
View at Brooklyn Bridge Park
I can see up the Brooklyn Bridge's nose!
Glamour shot!
Doughnut Plant  - yum!
Hot and Steamy!
Red Coconut Curry Chicken and Braised Pork Belly
Brooklyn Roasting Company
Street art
View from my friend's rooftop! 
I love this city.

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